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Baden's Story
August 28th, 2003

Baden Thomas Klein was born on February 6, 2003.

Within the first 2 months of his life, Baden had several illnesses including RSV, broncilitus, and pnuemonia.

Baden Thomas Klein
Doctors at The Grand River Hospital suspected something was wrong with Baden's immune system so he was transported to The Hospital For Sick Children in Toronto, Ontario. In May, the family learned that Baden had a very rare immune system disorder called The Wiskott Aldrich Syndrome (WAS). WAS effects 4 in a million boys, and is a genetic disorder that passes from mother to son. WAS causes recurrant infections, low platelets and a number of other problems. Left untreated, boys with WAS do not reach adulthood. The doctors at Sick Kids said that the only cure would be to do a bone marrow transplant.

In most cases of WAS the need for a bone marrow transplant becomes more urgent when the child is around 2 years of age. In June 2003, Baden got PCP (a deadly form of pneumonia). This made him a priority for bone marrow transplant, and he was put in the reverse isolation unit of The Hospital For Sick Children. His parents were told to expect a stay of 6 months atthe hospital.

Baden's sister, Alison, was tested to see if she was a bone marrow match. She did not match. As doctors looked on the world bone marrow directory, they also decided to test Baden's 3 double cousins. Double cousins are the result of siblings marrying each other (Baden's mommy is married to her brother's brother in law!). Thankfully 2 of Baden's cousins, Lucy & Abigail, were a 100% match. The doctors decided to use the bone marrow of the oldest cousin 3 year old Lucy Mason. The bone marrow transplant was set for August 11, 2003. On August 7, 2003 Baden was very sick. The doctors did a cat scan and discovered that Baden's brain was bleeding. Because of his low platelets, they were reluctant to do a procedure that would relieve the excess fluid in his brain because it was too risky. As the day went on Baden got worse until he had a seizure and his heart stopped. A code blue was called through the hospital. Thankfully the doctor's were able to resusitate Baden and the procedure was done to relieve the fluid on his brain. Baden spent 5 days in the PICU. The doctors decided to change his chemotherapy protocol, and do the bone marrow transplant 3 days early. They hoped this extra time would give him an increased chance to survive. Doctor's said he had about a 70% chance to survive. The bone marrow transplant went well. Since the transplant Baden has had pnuemonia, RSV, and he now has Graft versus Host Disease. We will know in about 5 weeks if the transplant worked.

December 1st 2005 - Baden continues to do good. He is now a normal 2 year old boy. He is constantly running around the house. He is also a real chatterbox. He loves Barney, the Wiggles, Bob the Builder, Thomas the Tank Engine and anything Disney. He also loves Elvis music. He can sing the songs 'No Woman No Cry' and 'What a Wonderful World,' word for word. It is really cute. Alison and Baden make every day of our lives special, and we never take one single moment for granted! Thanks for taking the time to read Baden's heartlink...

August 2005 - Well this update has been a long time coming. Baden continues to do well. The doctors at Sick Kids even used the word 'cured.' It feels really good and it is great to see Baden walking, talking and acting like a normal 2 year old. Baden still goes to Sick Kids every other week and they are monitoring his wean off the medications since we had some complications earlier this year. His biggest issue right now is with feeding. He hardly eats anything but he does get some nutrition through pediasure. The feeding issue has been really frustrating but it is a small problem compared to what Baden was dealing with in 2003 and earlier this year.

Thanks for checking in.


February 2005 - Baden did really well in 2004 (until December). It was such a good year for us. We really enjoyed being home, and we had a lot of fun as a family. One thing we have learned is that we will never take our family for granted. We cherish every minute. In December Baden was finally weaned off his steroids. We were really happy until he began to go downhill. He became very puffy, and he grunted constantly. He seemed to be having a hard time breathing. We took him to Sick Kids and they admitted him for tests. An echo showed that he had fluid on his heart, and an x-ray showed fluid in his lungs. The doctors did a biopsy but everything came back negative. Initially they thought he was just recovering from a virus though they could not figure out what the virus was. Then they thought he might have lymphoma so they removed 2 lymphnodes, did a bone marrow aspirate, and a cat scan. Again all results were negative (Thank God). Now the doctors think he may have some Graft versus Host Disease so he is back on steroids. He does seem a little better though he is still grunting. The doctors have said that it may be a slow recovery so we will have to just take it easy. Now that he is back on steroids his appearance is changing again. We don't care about that,as long as he gets better. By the way, the hospital is the worst place for an immune compromised person, while there Baden caught Norwalk Virus, Rosiola Virus, and the stitches where they took out the lymphnodes got infected!

So in the last 2 months we have spent about 5 weeks in hospital with him. We were there for Christmas. The people at Ronald McDonald House spoiled the kids at christmas. It was really nice. I guess we made the best of it though we would have liked to be at home. I am returning to work next week after a 2 year absence so hopefully that will go okay. I work really close to home so I can be home really quickly if there is an emergency. Kristin is going to take care of the kids so I know they will be fine.

Anyway, thanks for checking in. I will update again soon.

Lots of love, Joanne

August 04, 2004 - Sorry it has been so long since I last updated. Baden is now crawling so I have my hands full! Baden continues to do well. We now go to Sick Kids every 2 weeks. The doctors are happy with his progress even though he is slow to come off the medications that he is on. In April, Baden got a virus and we spent 10 days at Sick Kids Hospital. It was very stressful, but Baden came through it like a champion. Baden still is isolated though lately he has been able to be with other children as long as they are healthy. It was really neat to watch him interact with Lucy, his bone marrow donor. They really seemed taken with each other. Lucy was so excited to see him as were his other cousins, but I think that they will have a special bond.

In the past few weeks we spent some family time at the beach. Baden couldn't go on the sand, but it was fun doing other things with him. He is very curious about everything. It must be wierd to get your first views and impressions of the world when you are 18 months old. I have included a picture on this update of Baden relaxing in a hammock. I like to call this photo, 'summertime and the livin' is easy' because it's great to see Baden relaxing and enjoying himself. Last year when I would look at him he always had a look in his eyes that told you that he was in pain. Now, his eyes show a cute, cheeky, happy boy. That's the way it should be!

Thanks for checking in on us. Please remember to give blood, you can save a life!

February 2, 2004 - I start this update with sad news, a couple of weeks ago one of the kids we met at the hospital passed away. If you have read the messages in Baden's heartlinks you will have seen the message from Teresa and Marcus. When Baden was in reverse isolation in the bone marrow transplant ward some of the older kids would walk up to the isolation room window and wave to Baden. These were the only kids that Baden saw for 6 months. One of these kids was Marcus. He was a great kid that could always bring a smile to Baden's face. Fred and I also loved it when he came. I got to spent time in the parent lounge playing bingo with him, and we got to go to his 8th birthday party. I will always remember how much fun he had with his Incredible Hulk pinata. We also got to know his mom Teresa, and his aunt Jean. They were so generous with all of the families, and they supported everyone even though they had concerns of their own. We will never forget Marcus, and we hope to remain in touch with Teresa. I ask everyone that reads this to please pray for Teresa and her family as they come to terms with their loss.

As for Baden, the blood pressure problems I referred to in my last update appear to be under control for now. Just over a week ago, he was very close to getting readmitted to hospital, but the doctors managed to control his problems with medication. Currently, we are still going to the hospital weekly but the doctors have started weaning the steroids Baden is on. This is the first step to him being medication free. Everything is really good right now, but it is hard to feel totally relaxed. I guess this will get better with time.

Alison is really enjoying having Baden home. As a mother it is really neat to watch her become reacquainted with him. She still bears the scars of a year of upheaval though. She is always talking about the Ronald McDonald House, and the hospital. I'm really happy that life is back to normal for Alison. She is taking swimming lessons, dancing, and she is looking forward to junior kindergarten in September. Anyway, thanks for checking on us. Hope you like this photo of Alison and Baden.

January 12, 2004 - Baden continues to grow and put on weight. The only problem he is having is high blood pressure. Before we left the hospital, they trained me to take his blood pressure. Before I became a mother I never thought I'd be taking blood pressure, dispensing medications and so on. This has truly been a lesson for me. I do feel stressed by Baden's blood pressure problems even though the doctors say that high blood pressure is normal with the medications he is on. It is stressful to monitor it so that it doesn't get too high. Doctor's say that if it is too high there is a risk of stroke. Anyway, I keep plodding on, taking it day by day. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. I'll try to send another update soon. Anyway, keep praying for Baden, his friends Marcus, Bryden, and Daisy and for all the other kids that are fighting life threatening illnesses.

Baden and his family would like to hear some words or poems offering support to them at this difficult time.

February 2005 -

Hey Baden,

I've been thinking of you a lot lately. I am sorry I missed seeing you at xmas but promise I am going to come to your house for a visit very soon.

There is another little boy who has exactly the same thing you have and he is doing great. He had an operation a couple of days ago and was a bit grumpy and sore but seems to be doing better now. I am sure you know what I mean, as would mom and dad too!

I feel very close to you right now so maybe mom has some news. I am sure you are still your bubbly smiley self and are making mom and dad laugh with that contagious smile of yours.

Warm thoughts always - Cher

August 11, 2004 -

Dear Baden,

One year.....Can you believe it has been one year today that you had your Bone Marrow Transplant?

This time last year we were all so hopeful....hopeful and afraid. We had afterall nearly lost you just a few days before on the night you had your code blue. I lay in bed that night waiting for the phone to ring. The last words my mom had told me was that you'd had a seizure and your heart had stopped. "Prepare yourself Kim" she sobbed, "it doesn't look very good". How could this happen I thought? You had come through so much already, illness after illness after illness. Finding a Bone Marrow match, only to lose you when we were so close? I prayed that night for you Baden. Tears trickled down my cheeks and into my pillow, but I continued to pray like I've never prayed before in my life. When the phone finally rang it was really late and dark. We fumbled around trying to reach it. I felt sick to my stomach with apprehension. It was Kristin. She had just received a call from mom saying you had made it through the surgery. You were in critical condition, but stable. The next few hours would tell. The hospital was going to move your transplant ahead in order to try and save you......

Here we are one year later. The anniversary of your new beginning. The start of your road to recovery. Baden you are such a miracle. Your are living proof that prayers do get answered. I can't even express in words how proud I am of you. To see your beautiful smile, full of new teeth, brings absolute joy to my heart.

Sometimes we can get wrapped up in our own lives and tribulations. Thank you for opening my eyes to the suffering of others. How insignificant my problems seem when compared to the challenges other people are facing. You give me courage Baden.....courage that I can get through anything. I love you and thank God everyday for the gift he has given us......the miracle of you.

Much love on your one year anniversary, Kim.

March 22, 2004 -

Dear Baden:

Your big cousin Abigail is starting to say a few words. You'll be proud to know that one of her first words was "Baby Baden"! Everyday we look at your picture on the fridge and she points to you and says "Baby Baden, Baby Baden!!!" She smiles and smiles and gets very excited every time she sees your picture.

Sarah and Lucy also love to look at your pictures and are anxiously awaiting the day when they can see you, and hold you, and play with you! I'm sure that they will smother you with love whether you want them to or not! I hope you like to play barbies because I'm afraid that you're going to be over-run with the girls in the family. You'll have to have a man-to-man chat with Josh. Perhaps he can tell you how he's coped all these years!!!!

I love you very much Baden!
Auntie Sonya
P.S. Uncle Keith, Sarah, Lucy and Abigail send lots of love too!

December 21, 2003 -

Baden was released from the hospital on Friday November 21. It was a very emotional day for me. When I got to the hospital in the morning, the charge nurse told me that I could go in to Baden's room without wearing scrubs. My heart skipped a beat as I rushed down the hall. All along I thought it would be great when I could actually touch him. Believe me, touching his soft skin was great! It was the smell that I remember most though. Having wore a mask for all those months, I forgot how great it would be to smell him. That first moment without scrubs he smelled so good. Leaving the hospital was like a dream. The doctors and nurses applauded Baden as he walked out of his room. Alison and Laura were there as well to share it with us. Alison hadn't seen her brother for almost 6 months. It was very special.

I walked on a cloud back to the Ronald McDonald House. Everyone there was so happy for us. We stayed there for almost 2 weeks before we came home.

When we got home there was a big sign out front saying 'Welcome Home Baden, Fred, Joanne & Alison.' Thank you Pat & Phil for getting the sign. It was so nice to be home. I of course cried again (seems to be my calling lately!). Thanks to everyone that helped get our house ready for Baden's return. We really appreciate it!

We are still going to the hospital at least weekly, and we have some therapists coming to our home. So far Baden has done really well. The doctor thinks Baden has a slight case of graft versus host disease right now. They are going to keep an eye on it so that it doesn't get any worse.

We are looking forward to spending Baden's first christmas together as a family. Honestly, there is nothing I wanted more for christmas! Thank you to all of our family and friends, and even some people we do not know for your support, prayers, love, and words of encouragement. This has been an extremely difficult time, but everything has been worth it. It is great to have our baby home!

November 21, 2003 -

Hi Baden!

At last you are on your way home,we are so happy for you. You are such a brave little boy and from what i have heard a smiler also,so keep on smiling and we will all be seeing you soon. We love you so very much and we know that you have been truly blessed, Welcome home to you


November 18, 2003 -

Hi Baden

We heard some news today,the news we have all been waiting for for so very long, If everything goes well this week you are going to The Ronald MacDonald House on Friday.WHAT GREAT NEWS! We are so proud of you and are amazed at your strength and fighting spirit in battling this awful illness that you have,we know now that someday you will be home with us all living a normal life just like all children do.

We your family can hardly wait to see you it has been a long wait for us all so hopefully you will be home in Kitchener within the next week or so We love you Baden and you have a beautiful sister Alison just waiting to play with you we love her lots and lots too.

Keep up the good fight

Grandma and Poppa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

November 18, 2003 -

Hi Baden

We heard some news today,the news we have all been waiting for for so very long, If everything goes well this week you are going to The Ronald MacDonald House on Friday.WHAT GREAT NEWS! We are so proud of you and are amazed at your strength and fighting spirit in battling this awful illness that you have,we know now that someday you will be home with us all living a normal life just like all children do.

We your family can hardly wait to see you it has been a long wait for us all so hopefully you will be home in Kitchener within the next week or so We love you Baden and you have a beautiful sister Alison just waiting to play with you we love her lots and lots too.

Keep up the good fight

Grandma and Poppa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

November 18, 2003 -

Chloe misses you...

October 31, 2003 -

Hi Baden, Mommy, Daddy & Alison

Just wanted to send my thoughts to you all.

Fred, you are a wonderful person and friend to have during high school, (many knew this long before we voted you Prom King in senior year) and when I met your lovely wife Joanne I could see what a wonderful couple you make. You both radiate hope, happiness and (very significantly) an abundance of love and respect for each other.

I saw darling pictures of your little Alison when we met at Paul and Melanie's wedding and again I could see you both radiating this joy around each other and your daughter. Now you have a little son to increase this joy and love you share in your little family. Baden's pictures are beautiful on the web site.

I wish for Baden continued triumphs over this disorder and for you all to be home together soon. Baden sounds like a very courageous, determined little boy and he is got something to show us all. With two wonderful parents, a loving sister, family and friends to support you there is nothing you can't do in your life.

Take care. Best regards.
Hugs from Tiffany

October 28, 2003 -

Halloween 2003 - Baden Klein fighter of fires, and warrior against Wiskott Aldridge Syndrome!

October 27, 2003 -

This is Baden, our little thanksgiving turkey! This photograph was taken on thanksgiving day. This year as we celebrated, we had a lot to be thankful for. We were blessed with our new baby boy in February, and we are thrilled that his treatment is going well. Thanks to all our family, friends and community for all of your support. Thanks to Ronald McDonald House, Canadian Blood Services, and the Hospital for Sick Children. We really appreciate everything!

Joanne & Fred Klein.

October 24, 2003 -

Hope & Fear There is a fine line between hope and fear, and you can cross from one side of the line to the other very quickly. When I walk around the hospital 'hope' is a word I hear a lot. In the 8B parent lounge as one parent comes in crying, and within 30 seconds every parent is crying we all say that we hope things will start improving soon. In the elevator, another family says they are hoping for the best. What is the best? Is it for a child to keep suffering? Is it for a child to go home healthy? Is it for childhood illnesses to go away? Every parent wants their child to recover. Maybe that is what the 'best' is.

As you walk these halls you can't help but notice the fear on the faces of the parents. It's the fear of the unknown that is to come. The fear that there is a very real possibility that they could lose their child. I find that everyday for me the hope is starting to take over the fear. Prayers have been answered. As Baden gets better I get more hopeful that someday we will have a normal life again. I try to push the fear away, but it does resurface from time to time. I think I will always have a guarded hope for Baden's future but deep down the fear will always be there.

Joanne Klein

October 22, 2003 -

Hi Baden,

I love you! I hope you feel better soon. I have a dolly named Baden that I sleep with. When you come out of the hostipal I want you to play with me and my dolly. I wish I could see you.


October 15, 2003 -

Baden, Baden, Baden by Emily Aussem

This is a boy named Baden
Who worried all our hearts
But soon we won't be worrying
Because we all won't be apart

Our hearts pumped fast
We prayed and prayed and prayed
But now this will be put to an end
Because he'll come home soon
and we will be best friends. Forever.

Love from your cousin Emily. xoxox

October 11, 2003 -

Hi Baden

Here a letter from Holland.
We are thinking about a lot to you and hope all the best!!
Last night I`m talking with your mom and dad,
and they tell me, you`re doing well.
I like to send a mail to you. I hope this is a good English letter.
Next time I send a mail in our dutch language.
Your father or grandparents will translated to you.

A lot of love from Jacqueline and the rest of the family.


October 09, 2003 -

Hi Baden....Love your heart-link web page and to see the lovely things your family and friends say to you, is very touching.

We are happy that you are feeling a whole lot better. Those lovely nurses and doctors have certainly woven their magic for you.

You are so lucky to have a lovely Mummy and Daddy who have cared for you from the day your troubles began and not to mention your big sister Alison, for she's a real cutie. All your family from England who met her this summer realised just how special she is.

So keep up the improvement Baden, and we will be very happy when you are back in Kitchener where you belong.

Lots of love and kisses from Uncle George, Auntie Linda and all your family here in England. Love you loads. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

October 06, 2003 -

Mom & Dad's speeches from fundraiser Sept. 27/03

This speech was given by Joanne Klein (Baden's Mom) at a fundraiser for Baden on September 27, 2003.

If you had told me a year ago that my daughter's friends next year would be a little girl with cancer and another girl that has had a heart transplant I wouldn't of believed you. Today however being around sick children and their families is our reality. It is a sad and scary world with many brave little faces fighting terrible odds. Since we've been living in Toronto we have become friends with some families whose children have gone home okay, some families that have lost their child, and many families whose kids continue their battles. These kids are the most resiliant and strong people you'll ever meet. We don't know if there is heartbreak or happiness in our future but we pray everything will be okay.

Baden is a real fighter. Before my husband Fred gets up to speak I'd like to say a few words of my own. First I'd like to thank Fred because I couldn't have done this with anyone else. You are a true source of strength for me. I love you and Alison and Baden very much.

Second, I'd like you all to know that Baden is part of a website for families of sick children. If you are interested in sending Baden words of encouragement you can go to and send a message via Baden Klein's heartlink.

Lastly, I'd like to bring your attention to Baden's bravery beads. These are like diamonds to me. Baden has been rewarded a bead for each procedure or event since he has been at the Hospital for Sick Children. The bravery bead program is sponsered by the women's auxilary and it provides each child with a visual representation of their journey. You will notice that Baden has had nearly 150 blood products donated. I would like to say that those people that donate blood and especially platelets have saved Baden's life (along with Lucy of course!). Giving blood is an easy way that you can make a difference in someone's life. In addition to blood and platelets, Canadian Blood Services is involved in the international bone marrow registry, and if you're interested you can join the registry.

There are many families just waiting for a bone marrow match to save their loved one. It could be you!!! In July before we knew our neice was a bone marrow match for Baden we felt so desperate waiting to hear if a match had been found on the world directory. There are many families that wait and never get a match. It is a strange feeling knowing that your child's life or death may be in someone else's hands. Our neice Laura joined the bone marrow registry on Thursday. It was a quick procedure. All they did was take a small amount of blood from her arm. If you are interested please contact Canadian Blood Services. Thank You! ___________________________

This speech was given by Fred Klein (Baden's Dad) at a fundraiser for Baden on September 27, 2003.

When Baden first started to get sick we didn't know what was in store. We didn't anticipate having to leave our home and take up residence in Toronto. We didn't expect the birth of our baby to be followed by a physical, spiritual and emotional roller coaster ride, often feeling like we're living on the edge. What we also didn't anticipate was the amount of support we would have.

Frankly, Joanne and I are humbled by the amount of support we have received. Tonight is our opportunity to extend our most heartfelt thank yous to everyone that has helped us along Baden's journey. There are a few people in particular that we would like to acknowledge tonight. We'd like to thank Betty from The Knights of Columbus, Tyler from Molson's and The Bridgeport Lion's Club and other corporate sponsers for making their generous donations and for making tonight possible. We'd like to thank the Hospital for Sick Children, especially all the doctors and nurses. You can't put a price on the amount of TLC that they have given Baden. Baden's favourite nurse Brooke is here tonight. Brooke, he loves you very much. Thank you to all our collegues at Canadian Tire and Economical. In particular, to Martin Eszes for accomodating my schedule and Shannon Young for all your hard work throughout. Thank you to all my neighbours for cutting my lawn! If we're not home before it snows would you mind shoveling the driveway?! We look forward to coming home to Mary Street soon. We'd like to thank the Ronald McDonald House. Not only have they given us a roof over our heads, but also activities for Alison and Laura. We'd like to thank Pat & Phil Tinsley. I believe Baden's illness has brought us closer together. Your efforts haven't gone unnoticed and we look forward to spending more time with you once we're home. We'd like to thank Julie & Dave Aussem for taking care of our 1st born, 4 legged daughter Chloe! We miss her very much. Thank you for all your hard work tonight. We'd like to thank Karen & Ron Honsinger. This evening was their idea and we appreciate everything that you have done. Also for welcoming Alison into your home as if she were one of your own children. Thank you to Kim and Brad for collecting our mail and for your friendship. We look forward to hanging out with you soon. We'd especially like to thank Karen & Ron's youngest daughter Laura who has given us many weeks of her summer to take care of Alison so that we could be with Baden. You have no idea how much we appreciate this so that we could have Alison in Toronto. We'd like to thank our parents. Not a single day passes that we don't hear from one or both parents. A friendly phone call does the heart wonders in difficult times. Alison told me that she loves it at Grandma & Poppa's! A special thank you to my Dad for lending us his backgammon game! Jo, is finally getting the hang of it. Thank you to Keith & Sonya Mason. Keith is Jo's brother and Sonya is my sister. Earlier this summer they gave us the greatest news when we needed it most. 2 of their daughteres were 100% bone marrow matches to Baden. Keith and Sonya's 3 year old daughter was Baden's bone marrow donor. Lucy, you have given Baden a chance to live, this is something we will never forget and your Aunty Jo and Uncle Fred are very proud of you. I'd like to apologize to a few people that I have lied to tonight. A few people have asked if we have received the results of the chimerism stating whether the bone marrow transplant has worked. I told them no, but now that I have all of you attention I will tell you that yesterday the doctor's gave us this envelope. It states that the bone marrow in Baden is >90% Lucy's!!! This could change, and it doesn't mean Baden is out of the woods yet, but it is a very positive sign. Lastly, I'd like to thank my sweethearts Joanne, Alison and Baden. My favourite times of day are when I arrive at the hospital and Baden smiles at me and when I get back to the Ronald McDonald House and Alison's smile is waiting for me. I love my kids very much. Joanne, they say this type of experience either tears you apart or brings you closer together...well it's been nice knowing you!!! Seriously, I think we are a great team and I love you very much.

October 05, 2003 -

My brave little Baden this is your great aunt ruth and i want you to know that iknow GOD is answering my prayers for you . every at my church people ask about you and assure me of their prayers for you . you are going to make it little guy my love and prayers will continue and i look forward to seing your precious little face in person when you get home .angels continue to guard you

love aunt ruth

jeremiah 27 11for i know the plans ihave for you plans to prosper you and not to harm you

October 04, 2003 -

Hello there little man I visit you daily as do my son Marcus. We look through that glass door and you bring smiles to our faces...and you smile back. You know Baden I know so much about you from your very proud mommy,daddy and Allison. If you can feel just half the love they have for you than you are feeling some amazing power. When they talk about you to all of us you can see the shine in their eyes. Do you know that my son Marcus now wants me to have another baby...but a brother baby for him just like you. He talks about you have a friend for life with Marcus now. So little man,as you and your family continue on your journey to wellness...know that there are so many people who are walking beside you all and sharing in every moment of joy that you bring. Keep smiling Baden


October 1, 2003 -

Hello Baden, Ive heard so much about my brave little cousin in Canada......How each day he fights to take his place in this world...You sense the Love and joy that you have already bought into this world, with every breath and every smile you make you light up the world around you. Keep on fighting Baden..theres so much i want to tell you...about your Mom Dad and sister who take every breath with you and capture every smile you make and long to take you home to your family. Tell you about your aunts and uncles and cousins who feel the anguish and heartache that your Mom and Dad are feeling right now but at the same time hope that one day soon all this will behind you and you have a speedy recovery.....We are all with you little fella......and in our thoughts every day.........Get well always

Uncle Paul,Mandy,Simon,Lizzy,Holly and Abigail...xxxxxx

October 1, 2003 -

Dear Baden,

What a roller coaster year this year has been. When we reflect back on the good that has happened the first thought that comes to mind is your birth.

Even though we have been saddened by your illness, it has been a lesson in life to us all. It has reminded us of how many good people there are in the world. It has been overwhelming to witness how many people will lend a helping hand when needed, a shoulder to cry on, words of encouragement to lift the spirit, or just ears to listen to our burdens with. You have brought more awareness to us of those who are less fortunate. How petty our daily worries seem compared to the suffering of others. You have taught us the power of prayer and shown us the strength and love of ones family.

Baden, whatever challenges lay ahead of you, I want you to look at all the good you have brought. You are proof that angels on earth do exist.

We are so happy that you are doing well. We love you and can't wait for you to come home Kim & Brad.


September 25, 2003 -

Near, in our hearts and in our prayers.

Can't wait until you come home. We love you!

Auntie Julie, Uncle Dave, Josh and Emily. XXXX

September 17, 2003 -


I'm surprised you can sleep with all those bravery beads on top of you. You ARE a strong've been through so much in your short life...not to mention being able to lift your chest up and down with all those beads on top! How do you do it!

I would like to blow you two kisses that ride on the wind straight for your eyelids. It's can use them right away - you don't have to save them :-)

See you soon,

September 17, 2003 -

We love you so much. When we look at all of your bravery beads we realise that you are the strongest person that we have ever met! You are so brave and even though we are sad that you have so many beads, we are so proud of you for everything that you have accomplished so far.

Yesterday your sister Alison told us that she can't wait until you are better so that we can all go home. We can't wait for this either. Alison misses you so much. She comes to the hospital and sees you in your window but she is not allowed to come in to see you. By the time she sees you you will almost be a year old.

Mommy loves Baden, Daddy loves Baden, and Alison loves Baden! Each night when we leave the hospital Mommy puts a kiss in your pocket for when you need it. Keep using the kisses because there are plenty more where they came from.

Love you lots! Mommy & Daddy xoxoxoxo

September 11, 2003 -

Hi Baden, it's Aunty Pat, I hear that I will be coming to see you soon, I really hope so, we can play together, I will read to you and maybe even sing to you, if you can stand that. We really miss you and Uncle Phil sends his love, he hopes that he will get to meet you real soon as he has only seen your pictures up to now as you have been so sick. We hope that you will be able to get home real soon with your mommy, daddy and Alison.Lisa and Richard also send their love and kisses to you and said to get better soon. We all love you Baden. Lots of Love from Aunty Pat and Uncle Phil xoxoxo

September 10, 2003 -

Baden Thomas Klein

Some things in life are priceless

We love and pray for your safe return to a very
loving family and thank God for all the Doctors and
nurses that have bought you this far what would we have
done without them.
Special thanks to Brook
Lots of Love and Kisses
Grandma and Poppa Mason

September 09, 2003 -

Hi! Baden, we all miss seeing and holding you very much, but are thankfull everyday to God to here that you are doing well. You are a strong little boy and we know that you will soon be well and come home to us all. Your sister Alison is being such a good girl and having lots of fun with cousin Laura and Grandma and Grandpa Mason. Your mom and dad are very special and are being so amazing and brave. We love you very much, and are looking forward to seeing your special smile again soon.

Lots and Lots of Love Always, Auntie Karen and Uncle Ron.xoxo

September 07, 2003 -

Hi Baden it's Aunty Pat and Uncle Phil,

Hello our little fighter, we hear that you are doing a lot better these days, we are really pleased to hear that. I can't wait until I see you at the end of September, I'm really looking forward to coming to Sick Kids so that I can hold you, and play with you, and maybe if you can stand it to sing to you.We pray for you every day and also for your Mommy and Daddy, thay are being really strong for you.We all love you very much and I know that there are angels watching over you.Uncle Phil said hurry up and get well as he still as to meet you yet,he sends lots of love and kisses to you as do I. We love you lots, kisses to mommy and daddy as well.

All our love from Aunty Pat and Uncle Phil xxxxxxxxx

A bouquet of flowers say I love you
A cooing dove says Peace be with you
A tender hug says I care for you
A guardian angel says I am always with you.

September 06, 2003 -

Dearest Baden,

This is Cher. We haven't met yet but I know we will soon. I have heard all about you from your Mom. She is so full of love for you...I imagine you know that already. I met your big sister too. She and Mom did a painting together and it's so good - it has lots of bright colours in it and lots of big brush strokes filled with energy. I imagine that you are a part of that painting too as I know your Mom always has you close to her heart (daddy too!) ..... so I think you must be filled with lots of energy for healing and all the colours of the rainbow to help that smile of yours shine inside and out. Such a bright smile.

I send you miles and miles of smiles,

x x Cher

September, 2003 -

Code Blue Mask

September, 2003 -

Body Tracing by Mom

September 04, 2003 -


I haven't met you yet but I know your Mom very well. She talks about you all the time and takes such good care of you. I imagine you feel all that love she and Dad give you and it helps you on your journey.

I know I will get to see you soon - no more code blues ok!

So in the meantime I send you .....Miles of smiles, Cher

August 28, 2003 -

Baden: The Boy Who's Smile Could Walk a Mile!

Written by Baden's Aunty Sonya Mason

Once upon a time there was a boy who's smile could walk a mile. Now you may wonder how a smile could walk so far, but let me tell you this was no ordinary boy and he did not have an ordinary smile!!! When Baden was born everyone who saw him knew that he was a special little boy. He had a twinkle in his eye that made everyone smile. When he looked at his mommy with that twinkle it made her smile and think I love this precious boy. When he looked at his Daddy with that twinkle it made him smile and think this is my special son! When he looked at his sister Alison it made her giggle and laugh and think this is my cute little baby brother! As Baden grew the twinkle in his eye and his cute little smile began to spread far and wide. In fact, his smile could walk a mile!

It didn't take long for Baden to pass his special smile to everyone in the family. Just the sound of his name would make a smile appear. Grandma and Poppa and Oma and Opa had smiles for weeks after Baden was born! Josh had a permanent smile pasted on after finding out he wasn't going to be the only boy cousin in the family! Soon after Baden was born the family got some very sad news. Baden was a sick little boy who needed to be in the hospital for a very long time. He needed a bone marrow transplant to make him feel better.

Baden's mommy and daddy were very sad and very worried. It made their smiles turn upside down into frowns and the twinkle in their eyes turn into tears. When the rest of the family heard the news their smiles turned upside down too.

But Baden was a very brave little boy and even though he was very sick he could still smile. Whenever he saw his mommy he always gave her an extra-specially big smile. This made his mommy smile. Now remember that this was no ordinary boy and this was no ordinary smile. This was a smile that could walk a mile and this is how it happened! Mommy smiled at Daddy.

Daddy smiled at Alison.

Alison smiled at Grandma.

Grandma smiled at Poppa.

Poppa smiled at the neighbour next door.

The neighbour smiled at the lady in the grocery store.

Once Baden's smile got going there was no stopping it! His smile could walk a mile.

At the hospital Baden smiled at the cleaning lady who tapped at the window each time she passed.

The cleaning lady smiled at the nurse.

The nurse smiled at the sick little boy in the room next to Baden.

He smiled at his mommy and daddy and made their worried frowns turn upside down!

And so it went. Every day Baden's smile walked a mile.

When Baden's mommy and daddy got the news that cousin Lucy and cousin Abigail were a bone marrow match Baden's eyes had a twinkle and he smiled at his mommy and daddy. They smiled back. They smiled so wide that their faces almost cracked. They smiled and they smiled and they smiled and they smiled and they shouted hip hip hooray.

Well you'll remember that Baden is no ordinary boy and he did not have an ordinary smile. His little smile walked a mile so fast it could have broken a world record. His smile travelled through the family like wild fire. It zipped through the phone wires far and wide. It zapped through people's emailboxes so fast their modems got fried.

Everyone it touched got a permanent grin as a feeling of amazement and hope began to set in.

Everyday Baden's smile walks a mile and his mommy and daddy wait patiently until they can see their precious little Baden walk a mile with his smile.